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  Joseph N. Abraham, MD

Joseph N. Abraham is busy man. He is a licensed Emergency Room physician, a researcher in animal behavior, the president and founder of The Acadiana Educational Endowment (AEE), a non-profit foundation supporting public education...

...and oh yes, an author.

A self-published author, at that. "I found out very quickly that it's hard work to write well, and it's hard work to market your books," explains Abraham. "But the hardest thing is making money off of it all, particularly if you're self-published.

"I reasoned that if I was having trouble marketing my work, so were other self-published authors," he continues. "As I looked into it more and more, I realized that there are many self-published authors, and if we could help them sell their books, it would make them some money, and it could make some money for the AEE.

He concludes, "So we created booksXYZ, and I hope you like using it as much as we have enjoyed creating it."